Satisfied clients


"We could never have navigated the U.S. system without Colleen. It would have been extremely overwhelming without her help and we would not have known where to start."

—Cassandra, Oakville

"It was really nice to have Colleen as a partner in the process other than just my child and the school counselor. She provided an objective perspective, from a position of in-depth knowledge of both the Canadian kid and the U.S. system."

—Sally, Toronto


"She was readily available whenever my son needed her or had a question. She also had information on how to go about getting help/tutoring with the ACT. Also, she has actually been to these colleges, whereas our high school counselors hadn’t even heard of the schools."

—Kathy, Oakville

"Colleen is extremely knowledgeable about a vast number of universities and their acceptance requirements. She narrows the choices down for each student based on their wants and needs. She took the time to work one on one with our daughter to analyze which universities would be the right fit."

—Perri, Toronto


"I want to thank you for all your time and expertise guiding our daughter (and her parents!) through the US application process. You always made sure she was one step ahead of where she needed to be. Although we are very close, I think having us in the background while she was dealing directly with you on all the logistics, drafts, and strategy was incredibly beneficial for all. We were able to discuss without emotion, and without the stress of wondering if we were on top of everything. Our daughter really trusts you and values all your guidance. Thank you for providing such a stable platform."

—Alison, Toronto

"We interviewed other university consultants and found Colleen to be a perfect fit for our daughter. She was approachable, encouraging, and knowledgeable. We would highly recommen­d her services to anyone looking to send their children to an international school."

—Paul, Toronto