this is my passion


My name is Colleen Reed and I am doing what I love at American College Consulting. Every day I have the privilege of helping young people get into their dream schools.

My journey started when I was a student at Brown University. I loved the diversity of the student body, the intellectually curious culture on campus, the freedom to explore, and the lifelong friendships I still cherish.

After college, I took a job leading educational tours for high school groups in Washington, D.C. and met thousands of young people from across the U.S. I loved connecting with them as individuals, encouraging them to learn from each other, and challenging them to become engaged students. I realized education is my passion.

Along the way I married my Brown lacrosse-playing boyfriend (a Canadian!) and moved to British Columbia and eventually to Ontario. I became a high school teacher and taught Canadian History and English for several years. Watching students become capable adults who believed in themselves was, without a doubt, my greatest reward.

Throughout this time, I kept my connection to my alma mater active. As an admissions interviewer for Brown, I met hundreds of high school students and listened to them talk about why they wanted to attend the University and what they wanted to do with their lives.

After 20 years of interviewing prospective students and 10 years of teaching high school students, I started American College Consulting in Toronto in 2008.

My commitment to you is twofold: (1) to always have your child’s best interest at heart and (2) to be an empathetic figure with whom your child can have open, honest conversations. As an experienced educational consultant, and as a mother who has sent her own daughters stateside to study, I can help take the worry out of applying to U.S. schools.



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